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Located one minute on foot from Shin-Omiya Station, which is situated in between Kintetsu Nara Station, the closest station to Nara’s major tourist attractions of Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and Nara Park, and Yamato-Saidaiji Station, a transit station to Yakushiji Temple and Toshodaiji Temple. The hotel is also perfectly located within walking distance of the Nara Palace Site.
This quaint and “delicious” hotel occupies a prime spot close to Nara’s World Heritage Sites. Relax and enjoy heartfelt service along with delicious, handmade dishes and sweets.
Within this quaint hotel you can enjoy Chinese cuisine at Restaurant TOKOKURO and à la maison (homemade) baked French pastries and freshly-roasted coffee at La Pause Patisserie.
The European-style interior of the guest rooms has a relaxing feel that lets you take a break from your daily routine to refresh yourself in both body and mind.
Being located near the Kintetsu Shin-Omiya Station, this hotel is convenient not only for business travelers but also solo female travelers and others wanting to visit the ancient capital of Nara in Nara Park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Yakushiji Temple and Toshodaiji Temple.

A quaint hotel offering
peace and relaxation


A delicious hotel

Guests can enjoy breakfasts and authentic Chinese dinners prepared healthfully by the cooking staff of Restaurant TOKOKURO, as well as patisserie-baked French pastries and coffee roasted in-house from green coffee beans.
Restaurant TOKOKURO’s main store is located on the hotel’s first floor, and the Chinese cuisine prepared there uses no chemical seasonings - a feat said to be impossible - in order to make it perfectly safe for children. The restaurant has other stores in Nara, Osaka and Tokyo’s Ginza district and enjoys a large and devoted customer base. In particular, the restaurant is famous for its monthly medicinal meal(薬膳), which attract a great many diners.
At La Pause Patisserie on the hotel’s first floor, a selection of carefully handmade baked French pastries and freshly roasted coffee is available.
All of Restaurant TOKOKURO's meals and La Pause Patisserie’s à la maison food items and sweets and can be enjoyed in your room or in-store.


24-hour staffed service
provides peace of mind
even for women traveling alone

Friendly hotel staff are waiting to support you with heartfelt service that will make your stay a comfortable one.


At the front desk you can find answers to all your questions about sightseeing, annual events,entertainment, restaurants and more.


Whether a business traveler, conference attendee, Nara tourist, woman traveling alone, oversees visitor or anyone else, you will be fully satisfied with the level of service.



One-minute walk from the station,
giving easy access to World Heritage

Located one minute on foot from Shin-Omiya Station, which is one stop away from Kintetsu Nara Station, the closest station to Nara’s registered World Heritage Site major tourist attractions, including Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Nara Park. The hotel is in a perfect location for sightseeing.
It is also extremely convenient for business travelers thanks to its proximity to Kintetsu Nara Station, JR Nara Station and Kintestsu Yamato-Saidaiji Station.

Group Shop

Hotel Halftime
Group Shops

The Hotel Halftime Group operates different cafés within Nara Park, a World Heritage Site. There is Café Halftime in the Nara National Museum, Saro (tea room) Halftime in Todaiji Temple, and Café Shop Kaon in Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Hotel Halftime guests enjoy a discount at each.

Stamp Card

How about shopping for souvenirs at the Hotel Halftime Group's cafés and shops as you sightsee around Nara?
Collect stamps as you do to receive terrific presents!

Stamp Card Stamp Card


Reservation Plan

Medicinal meal(薬膳)
Course Plan

1 night,
2 meals


  • ・Medicinal meal(薬膳) course (changes monthly)
  • ❈Please arrive at the restaurant by 8:00 pm.
  • ・Homemade breakfast

Azekura Plan

1 night, breakfast


  • ・Homemade breakfast
  • ・La Pause baked pastries
     1 Azekura kuchen
      (Yamato Tea cake)

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